78% Entrepreneurs
use excel or shoe box

What?! A tour of 2647 entrepreneurs by ING, shows that 78% of entrepreneurs make their administration clear by means of an excel sheet, folder or shoe box.
ING stated this on the basis of a survey conducted on LinkedIn and Twitter where the bank asked the group 5 questions.

Administration costs entrepreneurs too much time

The same research shows that entrepreneurs intuitively spend a lot of time keeping records. According to 62% of the respondents, this is the task that entrepreneurs are occupied in and would rather not do so.

To what extent is online accounting included in this overview? That seems a bit the question. Apart from that, you can state that (online) bookkeeping and updating the administration are pre-eminently the tasks to which entrepreneurs spend (too) much time on.

Tools for saving time

One of the tools for this is off course extensive digitization. By automatically processing invoice flows and digitizing invoices by using systems that support PEPPOL and UBL, in the short term this will be a burden reduction for the entrepreneur.

By using digital invoice processing and smart invoice processing software, the entrepreneur can finally say goodbye to the overflowing shoe box. His shoe box will make way for an online archive where the entrepreneur has 24/7 access to all his documents and this give him the chance to make the step from overview to insight.

Other outcomes

Other results of the short tour are that 60% of entrepreneurs are mainly interested in being free or being able to follow their heart. Earning money is the most important thing for 40% of entrepreneurs.
Almost half (45%) is not concerned with the future of the company. The priority is mainly on today. A third of the entrepreneurs say they are constantly focused on the future of the company.
The various outcomes are explained in the infographic below:

About Smartbooqing

Smartbooqing is the only invoice processor that can process all invoice flows fully automatically, independently of the document. Smartbooqing helps you to make real progress in automatic invoice processing and to prepare your administration for the future.