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Our Suite of Platforms offer

  • Intelligent
    Accounts Payable
  • Peppol Network Gateway
    Peppol Network

  • UBL

Overview of Features
Regarding Document
Extraction and

Other Accounting Platform

  • Basic OCR
  • Basic dimensions
  • Basic checks


  • Bacis OCR
  • Always 100% digital conversion
  • Advanced Accounting: Line-level processing
  • Advanced Accounting: Book discounts, credits, investment
  • Advanced dimensions
    • Line-level based
    • Keyword based rules
  • Advanced checks
  • Smart templates for uniform processing
  • Plug & play start with automatic configuration
  • Automated generated monthly improvement reports


Automated Authorisation Workflows

Streamline and automate authorisation with easy and intuitive approval processes.

Automatically Generated Improvement Reports

Leverage analytics driven reports to identify areas for enhancement and optimise your operations.

But that’s not it!

We have you covered for UBL conversions and for all your operations via Peppol Network Gateway through SmartUBL and SmartPeppol platforms.

Smart UBL

Transform Scans into 100% Digital Invoices with Unmatched Accuracy
Discover the magic of AI with SmartUBL. Our advanced algorithms convert scanned documents into your preferred e-Invoice format (UBL, BIS) with unparalleled precision.
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Enable a Fully Digital Environment with
Certified Peppol Access
Experience a fully digital environment through the Peppol network with SmartPeppol. Share e-invoices (UBLs/BIS) directly between suppliers and customers, facilitated by our Certified Peppol Access Point. Let us guide your company onto Peppol for streamlined operations
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Are you looking for a One Stop Solution that converts your organisation into a digital eco-system for both incoming and outgoing invoices?

Our SWITCH GO DIGITAL Program Has You Covered!

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, our suite of platforms Smartboqing, SmartUBL and SmartPeppol take a modular approach to seamlessly integrate with each other to migrate your organization into a fully digital ecosystem by streamlining your accounts payable process, automate repetitive tasks, and provide actionable insights to help you make informed financial decisions.


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What will Smartbooqing bring to your organization?

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Accounting Firms

  • Digitalise and book invoices with ~100% accuracy
  • Tremendous time and cost savings through AI powered Accounts Payable and optimized operations
  • Account, project codes and article level reading automatically on invoices

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  • End-to-end management of your invoices and accounts payable
  • 3x ROI with cutting edge AI based accounting solutions
  • Outsource invoicing to experts, focus on core activities

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IT Consultants

  • Whitelabel our cutting edge solutions to your clients
  • 3x ROI with cutting edge AI based accounting solutions
  • Gain commission, a new revenue stream with little to no investment

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  • We give the technology, you the market
  • Gain commission, a new revenue stream with little to no investment
  • Become a reseller, whitelabel partnership possible

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