Tim Wiebering
FIT Administraties

“At FIT we are always working on automation and optimization. For the processing of our invoices we use Smartbooqing. Via this platform, both delivery via Peppol and authorisation of invoices are possible. In addition to these two functions, Smartbooqing has many landmarks, so that we can process invoices better and easier for you in the administration”

Anders Wasén
CTO, Qvalia Group AB

“As a user of Smartbooqing, we at Qvalia are very satisfied with the services provided for invoice scanning solutions. The reliability and accessibility of the service is first-rate, as well as the level of support and expertise provided by the team.”

Nelson Cunha
Managing Consultant, Steltix

“Together with Smartbooqing, we’ve been able to provide and create multiple commercial opportunities across the globe. Smartbooqing has been a valuable partner to help us extend our product Steltix APA to a whole new level. On projects that we embraced so far, I would emphasize the swift response to change requests and the quality of scanning. In my view, better-scanning quality than some of our older partners. Smartbooqing at the moment is my referral and preferred partner in any APA Implementation.”