Smartbooqing tells you
about robotic accounting
on April 19!

On the 19th of April GBNED will organize for the first time a seminar on robotic accounting. The goal of this afternoon is to give accountants and administrators insight in the field of robotic accounting and related topics such as PSD2, Blockchain and electronic invoicing.

Robotic Accounting relieves

Robotic accounting is a broad concept and includes functionalities that are intended to “unburden” entrepreneurs. Here you can think of automating manual tasks such as unnecessarily retyping invoice lines. This work not only takes up an unnecessary amount of time, but also creates the possibility of errors and inconsistencies.

During this afternoon, various professionals from Exact Online, KPMG and Smartbooqing, among others, will talk about their vision on the landscape of robotic solutions and the impact on business operations.

Robotic accounting in practice

Of course, visions and theory always sound great, but how does robotic accounting work in practice? In today’s market, the paper invoice flow is still increasing faster than the adoption of UBL can keep up with. This afternoon, Smartbooqing, together with Crowe Howarth Foederer, will take you along in the deployment of high performance robotic accounting for their organisation. During the presentation we will give you a glimpse into the kitchen and talk about the opportunities, challenges and hurdles we have taken together to make a huge leap in speed, quality and consistency with Smartbooqing.

After the presentation (where 150+ participants are already present) Smartbooqing will be present on the information market to answer questions.

Interested? Sign up at and come to the Seminar: Robotic Accounting on April 19th at the Expo Hoevelaken.