Smartbooqing Partners with
FIT Administrations to Automate
and Optimize their Invoicing Process

Hengelo, Netherlands: May 19, 2022 – Smartbooqing, a leading provider of platforms and solutions for accounting services, today announced its collaboration with FIT Administraties, a leading administration firm in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. FIT Administraties is a young ambitious organisation and will take advantage of the Smartbooqing platform to automate and optimize the processing of their invoices. The collaboration will enable FIT Administraties scale its business model exponentially with advanced accounting capabilities.
Smartbooqing handles the automated bookkeeping of invoices with many advanced features for highly automated processing, resulting in unmatched quality and productivity for FIT Administraties to process invoices better and easier for their customers in the administration. Powered by Smarbooqing, FIT Administraties plans to improve the quality of administration and make payments easier for their client
BiAt FIT we are always working on automation and optimization. For the processing of our invoices we use Smartbooqing. Via this platform, both delivery via Peppol and authorization of invoices are possible. In addition to these two functions, Smartbooqing has many landmarks, so that we can process invoices better and easier for you in the administration.
~ Tim Wiebering


Smartbooqing empowers its clients to ‘Think Digital’ through its suite of platforms which uses a modular approach to help migrate organizations to a completely digital ecosystem by providing 100% automatic invoice processing with auto checks and validations. At Smartbooqing we strongly believe that automated bookkeeping is the future of accounting and hence we are aligned with this revolution of enabling a highly intelligent, ML and AI based solution which ensures not just 3x Increase in ROI but transparency, accuracy and speed.


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About FIT administration

FIT administrations is an innovative administration organisation which achieves better client servicing through
smart usage of new technologies and processes. See for more information.