Smart delivery of

Invoice processing starts with the delivery of an invoice to Smartbooqing so that it can be processed by the system. Within Smartbooqing there are several possibilities for this, so that both the paper and the digital invoice flow can be processed effortlessly.

Deliver your invoices in an unbundled and unsorted manner.

Each system has its own way of delivery. With one system, you encode invoices by putting a certain sticker or QR code on each invoice, you have to separate invoices by adding a white page, or you have to reassemble invoices from several pages later, because the system cannot handle invoices that are longer than one page.

With Smartbooqing, delivering invoices has never been so easy. Smartbooqing distinguishes between purchase and sales invoices. And regardless of whether you submit a UBL / digital invoice or an “old-fashioned” paper invoice, Smartbooqing recognizes the beginning and the end of the invoice, even if the invoice consists of 10 pages.

Delivery by mail, app or portal

Smartbooqing can be supplied in 3 ways, via a unique e-mail address, Smartbooqing app or directly in the Smartbooqing portal. The newest way is the Smartbooqing app. This app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and has the primary function of scanning invoices by means of a photo and uploading them to our portal. The app is particularly suitable for end customers who photograph the invoice with their smartphone immediately after the checkout so that it is not still crumpled in a wallet after a number of weeks.

You don’t use our app yet? Then upload your invoices directly into our portal or send them by e-mail to Smartbooqing. Because Smartbooqing recognizes both purchase and sales invoices itself, you can submit multiple invoices at the same time in PDF format. Smartbooqing recognises when an invoice starts and ends and whether it is a purchase or sales invoice. This allows you to scan all invoices at once and send them to Smartbooqing. You can also attach several invoices by e-mail to your unique Smartbooqing e-mail address, even if this is a mix of digital (UBL) and paper invoices. Smartbooqing will then process all invoices effortlessly.

Retrieve invoices via the PEPPOL network

Do you have suppliers that are connected to the e-invoicing network PEPPOL? Then we can use our partnership to retrieve your supplier’s invoices directly from the portal and prepare them in our Authorisation module for authorisation and processing.