The Peppol

The “Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine” network, or the Peppol network, is intended for companies to securely exchange e-invoices throughout Europe. With the corresponding Peppol ID, companies and governments can quickly identify each other. This ensures that your invoice always ends up in the right contacts.
Since it has become mandatory since April 2019 for all suppliers to send e-invoices when they deliver to the government, many companies have switched to e-invoicing. But many companies that do not deliver to the government have also switched to e-invoicing and this ensures that many suppliers are already present at Peppol.

In the Netherlands, Peppol is represented by Simplerinvoicing. Companies and many software suppliers are working on a standard for the fully automatic exchange of invoices between government, large companies and small entrepreneurs.
To be able to send invoices via the Peppol network you must be connected to a Peppol Access Point. These Access Points provide users with access to the Peppol Network and enable them to exchange invoices with all other Peppol users. Smartbooqing is one of these Access Points and gives Smartbooqing users access to the Peppol Network.
In addition to the Peppol Network, there are a number of ways to get e-invoices, Storecove is an agency that specializes in retrieving portal invoices. This means the end of logging in, searching, downloading, uploading and entering your KPN invoice. Instead, it is now being downloaded to Smartbooqing with a single click. In order to help you with the transaction to a digital accounting system and to get an overview of how many invoices you can receive via which channel, Smartbooqing has introduced ‘Switch – Go Digital’.