Easily exchange invoices
with Simplerinvoicing

Simplerinvoicing makes it possible to send digital invoices directly between companies. Faster, more reliable and simpler. This is done via the secure Peppol network.

What is the PEPPOL network?

The PEPPOL network ensures that it is possible to send and receive e-invoices (UBL). This is already possible in all companies present in European countries. So it is also possible to send the UBL invoices to KVK and OIN numbers. Smartbooqing is a certified partner of PEPPOL and has the UBL Ready quality mark. Smartbooqing is ready for the future and progressive to stimulate e-invoicing growth.

What is simplerinvoicing / PEPPOL?

Peppol is represented in the Netherlands by Simplerinvoicing. Companies and many software suppliers are working on a standard for the fully automatic exchange of invoices between government, large companies and small entrepreneurs

What are the advantages?

This allows us to process invoices faster, more efficiently and more accurately. Because the invoices are delivered directly via the secured PEPPOL network, they also end up directly in the accounting. Invoices that no longer need to be processed and this naturally means working much faster and more accurately. Just like a paper invoice, it has to be booked, of course. Smartbooqing ensures a 100% fully automatic processing by our own unique ICAP technology.