Authorisation has
never been easier

In many companies, invoices are still circulated when they need to be authorised by, for example, the head of the relevant department. But what if it is not known from which department the invoice comes? Or if the person who has to authorise the invoice is not present?

As a result, a large part of the productivity achieved by Smartbooqing is lost again.
Smartbooqing is therefore launching the updated authorisation module with the corresponding app. This module gives you the possibility to set up your own authorisation flow based on various rules. You can do this on the basis of amount, general ledger, relation or a combination of these three. So whether you only want to authorise invoices above €10,000, only those of contacts X or only invoices of relation X above €10,000. The possibilities are endless.

It is also possible to manually assign an invoice that does not fall under an authorisation rule to any user when you want the invoice to be authorised.

Clear hierarchy

Smartbooqing works with a simple hierarchy. You can specify per line who should perform authorisation. Hereby you can set multiple persons of which only 1 has to perform the authorisation or who all have to authorise the document individually before it is processed.

Always overview

Once the authorisation has been carried out, the invoice will automatically be ready for review as a booking proposal. As an accountant, you will have insight throughout the process into where which document is located and where authorisation still needs to take place. A timeline is also maintained for each document. This shows exactly who and when has uploaded, authorised and processed the invoice.

From your pocket

To make the authorisation process even smoother it is now possible to authorise from our new app “SMART OK”. In the app you can see at a glance which documents are ready for you to authorise and you can carry out this authorisation with one click. Are you convinced and would you like to experience in person how easy authorisation can be? Switch on the authorisation module and start immediately!