What is a UBL?

UBL is an abbreviation of Universal Business Language and is a standard format that is used for digital invoicing or e-invoicing between companies. The data normally found on an invoice is already programmed in the UBL. The processing of invoices is completely digital, making traditional scanning and recognition unnecessary. Invoices are sent to Smartbooqing in a .xml file. This encrypted invoice can be read directly digitally by Smartbooqing and is processed 100% automatically by our smart algorithms.

Besides the fact that receiving UBL invoices increases your productivity, Smartbooqing also applies a considerably lower rate for processing UBL invoices compared to PDF files. Enough reason to start receiving UBL invoices yourself.

The big difference between paper and digital invoices is that the digital invoice flow does not require a traditional Scan and Recognition (OCR) solution. Because no more Scan and Recognition is required to process UBL invoices, invoices can be processed faster and with high quality. The UBL invoices are sent in a .xml format that can be processed directly by Smartbooqing. This further reduces the margin of error and ensures that digital invoices are processed quickly, efficiently and consistently.


Just like a paper invoice, a digital invoice still needs to be booked. Smartbooqing ensures 100% fully automatic processing thanks to our unique and in-house developed ICAP technology.

Isn’t a PDF also
an e-invoice?

Although you do not receive a PDF by post but via the digital highway, a PDF is not an e-invoice. This digital invoice must therefore be processed in the same way as a traditional paper invoice, namely by means of OCR. Smartbooqing is the only party in the market that can process these invoices 100% automatically at line level.

An e-Invoice does not look like an invoice at all, but more like a piece of code. This code contains all the information that you see on the PDF invoice, but in a format that can be understood by a computer. This makes OCR superfluous and the invoice can be processed immediately.

Send UBL invoices

With most accounting packages it is already possible to send UBL files at this moment. Of the accounting packages that Smartbooqing links to, it is possible to send UBL’s directly. Make sure that you have this setting ‘on’ in your accounting package.
Your accounting package does not yet offer this possibility?
There are various programs that set up pdf invoices and UBL files

Receive UBL invoices

You can receive UBL invoices in two ways, indirectly: if your supplier has created a UBL himself (as described, this can be done via a number of accounting packages or various online programs) your supplier can send this as an attachment to your Smartbooqing e-mail. In addition, it is also possible to exchange e-invoices directly with your relations via the Peppol network. Since Smartbooqing is an official Peppol access point, Smartbooqing customers are able to exchange e-invoices such as UBLs with all other connected Peppol users.

Smartbooqing is UBL Ready!

UBL Ready? That sounds fantastic! But what does that actually mean in practice? UBL is a follow-up to the UBL Chain Test. The UBL Ready quality mark where we as Smartbooqing have successfully completed the UBL Chain Test and that we can successfully process UBL and that we contribute to stimulating the use of e-invoicing through UBL.